Mercury DM

b. ?  Ipswich, Suffolk. d. ?

DATE OF DM ACTION: July 1942 Denmark.

Mercury DM

Mercury was the 38th recipient of the Dickin Medal, who was trained and owned by Mr Catchpole from Ipswich. In July 1942, Mercury (NURP.37.CEN.335), a blue hen, was selected with 12 other birds from the Special Section Army Pigeon Service to work for the Danish Resistance. They were smuggled to the underground fighters and were used to transport information about German military strength and shipping in the country.

The information collected was so valuable it was decided on the morning of 26th July 1942 that all twelve birds including Mercury would be released with the same mission. It was to fly 1,250 miles back to England to return the messages safely. For four days, nothing was heard from any of the birds until on 30th July, Mercury arrived. Mercury was the only bird of the twelve to make it back to England. She received her Dickin Medal at the PDSA Chelsea Show on 7th September 1946.



For carrying out a special task involving a flight of 480 miles from Northern Denmark while serving with the Special Section, Army Pigeon Service, in July 1942