Mubengwa Musonda EM

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DATE OF EM ACTION: 01/03/1940 Nkana, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia).

Very little is known about Mubengwa Musonda, an employee of the Rhokana Corporation in Northern Rhodesia at the time of the incident on 1st March 1940.



Mubengwa Musonda is an African employed by the Rhokana Corporation at their mine at Nkana, Northern Rhodesia. On the 1st March, 1940, a European was putting a charge of dynamite into a mass of rock jammed at the top end of a main chute. As he finished lighting the charge the rock under his feet gave way and he fell about eight feet and was pinned by his legs which were buried under the rock. He was in great danger, not only from the charge which he had already lit, but also from further supplies of rock which were still entering the main chute from the feeder chutes; further, the rock in which he was partly buried might havo slipped further down the chute at any moment. Mubengwa Musonda lowered himself into the chute, wedging himself into the side without standing on the rock, and gripped the European under the arms. He managed to release one of the trapped man’s legs, but immediately afterwards it was again buried when more rock fell into the main chute. Mubengwa Musonda maintained his hold and kept the European upright until help arrived and they were both brought to safety. In the meantime the charge overhead had fortunately not exploded. Mubengwa Musonda’s action showed very considerable courage and a disregard for his own personal safety.