Nani Khan EM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 07/01/1925 Mohpani Colliery, India.

Very little is known about the life of native timber drawer, Nani Khan, other than his actions at Mohpani Colliery, India on 7th January 1925.



On January 7th, 1925, in the course of operations at the Mohpani Colliery of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway a very heavy fall of roof took place killing one miner instantaneously and completely burying another named Nanoo Maora. On a report of the accident reaching Mr. Kipling, the Under-Manager of the mine, he immediately proceeded to the scene accompanied by Mr. Johnston, the senior European Overseer, and Nani Khan, a native timber drawer. They crawled through the fall of stone and earth and eventually after fifteen minutes’ work succeeded in extricating the entombed man.

The rescue party ran a very grave risk as falls of stone were continually taking place. Indeed, within ten minutes of their extricating Nanoo twenty tons of rock fell on the very spot where he had been lying. Mr. Kipling took the leading part in the work of rescue but he could not have accomplished it alone and there is no doubt that it is to his efforts combined with those of Mr. Johnston and Nani Khan that Nanoo owes his life.