Navy Blue DM

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DATE OF DM ACTION: 06/1944 France.

Navy Blue DM

The RAF bred and trained pigeon had an excellent flying record for the Air/Sea Rescue during the war and was codenamed NPS.41.NS2862. He was selected for a special mission accompanying a small reconnaissance party on the west coast of France in June 1944. Landing via sea, they would move inland, and use Navy Blue to carry information back to Plymouth.

On 15th June 1944, Navy Blue was issued to the men, but due to bad weather, the mission was delayed until the night of the 17th June. After the information was gathered, Navy Blue was released. She was immediately attacked by a predator and badly injured. Navy Blue didnt give up however, and reached her loft in Plymouth at 02.45hrs on 19th June. The award of the Dickin Medal was for his action. Navy Blue recovered from the injuries and received the medal in March 1945.



For delivering an important message from a raiding party on the west coast of France, although injured, while serving with the RAF in June, 1944.