Patrick Mahoney VC

b. 1827 Waterford, Ireland. d. 30/10/1857 Lucknow, India.

Patrick Mahoney (1827-1857) was born in Waterford, Ireland and sadly very little is known about him in his short life. He enlisted with the Honourable East India Company’s Army and served as a Sergeant in the 1st Madras Fusiliers (later Royal Dublin Fusiliers). With his former knowledge of working with horses, he eagerly applied to join the Volunteer Cavalry.

Victoria Cross

The details of the action which saw Mahoney awarded the VC (London Gazette, 18th June 1858) are quite sketchy. His citation was taken from the Field Force Orders of the later Major-General Havelock written on 17th October 1857. Mahoney was noted for his actions as part of the capture of the Regimental Colour of the 1st Regiment Native Infantry at Mungulwar on 21st September 1857.

Sadly, Mahoney was unable to receive his VC as he was killed on 30th October 1857 during the Relief of Lucknow. His body was lost and never recovered. His medal is now in the possession of the Oriental & India Office, The British Library, though when I contacted them they had no knowledge of the medal’s whereabouts.