Patrick Torley EM

b. 13/05/1892 Seaton, Cumberland.  d. 13/06/1953 Cockermouth, Cumberland.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 08/09/1933 United Steel Company, Workington, Cumberland.

Patrick was born in Seaton, near Cockermouth, Cumberland on 13th May 1892. Little is known about his early life and he lost both of his parents before the age of 10. By the time of the 1901 Census he was living with his grandparents in Workington. In 1921, he married Annie Kean Buffel in Cockermouth, and they had four children. Patrick was employed by the United Steel Company in Workington, and it was there that he was awarded the Edward Medal for his actions on 8th September 1933. Little is known about his later life. He died in Cockermouth, Cumberland on 13th June 1953, aged 61 only a few months after his wife.



On the 8th September, 1933, at the United Steel Company’s works at Workington, a man who was working in a bunker containing over 100 tons of iron ore was buried in ore up to his armpits, due to the ore slipping. His cries attracted Torley who was working in the vicinity. Torley summoned help, and went into the bunker and supported the buried man by placing his arms round him and standing with his back against a pile of ore. More help was forthcoming in about ten minutes; and Torley continued to support the man for a further period of forty minutes while the ore was being shovelled from around the buried man. At any time the ore might have shifted and buried both men.