Peter Gordon Robertson AM

b. 18/12/1937 ?.  d. 19/12/1965 Persian Gulf.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 19/12/1965 Persian Gulf.

Peter Robertson was born on 18th December 1937, the son of a surgeon, Dr James and his Canadian wife, Olive (nee Lewis). He had a brother John. He was the last serviceman to receive the Albert Medal.



On 19th December 1965, during force 7 weather conditions, H.M.S. Bastion went to the assistance of an Iranian dhow in distress. The dhow subsequently foundered and in order to recover survivors it was necessary to launch a liferaft. This was manned by Lieutenant Robertson and a naval rating, both volunteers. The liferaft was cut adrift upwind and as it neared the survival area Lieutenant Robertson entered the water on a tended line and swam towards the nearest survivors. He secured one survivor, and at ‘this stage H.M.S. Bastion stopped within 30 feet of him with the intention of picking them up. With complete disregard for his own safety however and thinking only of the other survivors, Lieutenant Robertson shouted that he was alright and that the ship should proceed to pick up other people in the water. The next time Lieutenant Robertson was sighted he appeared to have recovered another survivor but when the ship returned to his position some 10-15 minutes later it was discovered that Lieutenant Robertson’s body was being used as a raft by three survivors and that his head was being held under the water. On being taken aboard he was found to be dead. Throughout the whole proceedings Lieutenant Robertson was well aware of the dangers to his own life from panic stricken survivors. He showed the greatest gallantry and courage in being concerned solely and at all stages in saving the greatest number of lives.