Rashid Abdul Fattah GC (EGM exchanger)

b. 1901 Dunnaba, Palestine. d. 21/08/1975 Tulkarm, Palestine.

DATE AND PLACE OF GC ACTION: 01 and 04/03/1938 Jordan.

Rashid Abdul Fattah (1901-1975) was born in 1901 in Dunnaba, Jordan, but sadly little else is known about his life both before and after the two incidents which led to the award of the Empire Gallantry Medal. All that is known is that he joined the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force and rose to the rank of Rais.

Rashid A Fattah GC

On the 1st March 1938, he was ordered to lead a a dismounted charge with his troop on a village strongly held by armed bandits. The attack involved house-to-house fighting under heavy fire, and, through his exceptional qualities of leadership and coolness, succeeded in capturing the village. On 4th March, he again advanced to attack another village. He was heavily fired upon but was able to seize a hill close to the village.

He was awarded the EGM on 12th July 1938, but only held the medal for a short time because, following the creation of the George Cross in 1940, he was entitled to automatically exchange. He was also mentioned twice in despatches for incidents in July 1937 and December 1938. He later served in World War II.

Rachid died on 21st August 1975 in Jordan and is believed to have been cremated. His GC and 1953 QEII Coronation Medal are privately held.