Rene Marc Jalbert CV CD

b. 20/02/1921 Quebec City, Quebec. d. 21/01/1996 Sillery, Quebec.

DATE OF CV ACTION: 08/05/1984 Quebec National Assembly.

Rene M Jalbert CV CD

Jalbert served in World War II and the Korean War, attaining the rank of major in the Royal 22e Régiment. After his military career, he served as sergeant-at-arms in the National Assembly of Quebec.

Jalbert’s actions almost certainly prevented a higher death toll. For his bravery, Jalbert was awarded the Cross of Valour, Canada’s highest civilian award for bravery, which was presented to him 9 November 1984, by Governor General Jeanne Sauvé in a ceremony at Rideau Hall, Ottawa.


In a rare display of coolheadedness and courage, René Jalbert, Sergeant-at-Arms at the Quebec National Assembly, subdued a man who had killed three people and wounded thirteen more on the morning of 8 May 1984. The man had entered a side door of the National Assembly building and immediately opened fire with a submachine-gun; moments later he climbed the main staircase toward the assembly chamber, known as the Blue Room, shooting repeatedly, and then burst into the chamber. As bullets peppered the wall, Mr. Jalbert entered the Blue Room and with icy calm convinced the man to allow several employees to leave the premises. Then he invited the heavily armed man into his downstairs office, in effect setting himself up as hostage while removing the man from the scene. At extreme personal risk, but with unflinching authority, Mr. Jalbert spent four hours persuading the man to surrender to police. The audacity of this retired Major of the Royal 22nd Regiment, a Second World War and Korean War veteran, almost certainly prevented a higher death toll.