Richard Hamilton AM

b. 21/10/1912 Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada.  d. 31/05/1941 off Alexandria, Egypt.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 31/05/1941 Alexandria, Egypt.

Richard Hamilton AM

Richard was the son of James Hastwell Hamilton and his wife Alice Katherine (nee Beckingham), and he had a brother Whylie John. His father died when he was nine, and after school, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy on the outbreak of World War II.



Their vessel was in port undergoing repairs and two members of the crew were engaged in removing plugs from the bulkhead of the port deep tank, when both suddenly collapsed, having been overcome by unsuspected gas which had generated from damaged cargo in the hold. The Second Officer, Mr. Robert Allan Finlayson, observing the occurrence and realising the immediate need for assistance, promptly fastened his shirt around his nose and mouth and, with Able Seaman Richard Hamilton, entered the tank with a rope in an attempt to save the two men. This brave action on the part of Second Officer Finlayson and Able Seaman Hamilton unfortunately cost them their lives. Mr. Finlayson was just able to make the rope fast around the body of one of the men before he himself collapsed and died. Able Seaman Hamilton, who had immediately followed him, did not reach the bottom of the tank but collapsed off the ladder when about half way down. Although they must have known the very great risk they ran in entering the tank. Second Officer Finlayson and Able Seaman Hamilton completely disregarded their personal safety in their gallant endeavour to save the lives of their shipmates



GRAVE 984.



Allan Stanistreet – Image of Richard Hamilton AM.