Robert Dunbar EM

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DATE OF EM ACTION: 03/08/1913 Cadder Colliery, Glasgow, Scotland.

Very little is known about miner Robert Dunbar other than his actions at the Cadder Colliery, near Glasgow, Scotland on 3rd August 1913.



On the 3rd of August, 1913, a fire occurred at the Cadder Colliery, Lanarkshire, and, on the alarm being raised, a panic ensued. Most of the men, not knowing where the fire had originated, turned into the main airway down which the smoke was being carried, and were overcome by the fumes. Robert Dunbar, a miner, however, by presence of mind and by utilising his knowledge of the workings, succeeded in bringing two of his fellow-workmen into fresh air by another route, after having courageously waited for and revived one of them who had collapsed. After returning to the surface, Dunbar again descended underground to assist in the work of rescue, and, in the course of the subsequent operations, succeeded in saving one of the rescue party who was overcome. The Commissioner, who conducted the public inquiry into the disaster, made special mention of Dunbar’s sustained courage and coolness.