Robert Edward Paddock EM

b. 02/05/1890 Worthen, Shropshire.  d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 29/04/1921 Bulthy Mine, Shropshire.

Robert Edward was born on 2nd May 1890, the second of four children born to James and Hannah Paddock. His father worked on a farm as a ploughman. His childhood was spent moving around Shropshire whilst his father gained employment. He married Lily and they would have three children. Nothing has been traced about Robert after 1939. 



Between 9 and 10 o’clock on April 29th, 1921, Chidley, with three other men, was engaged in pumping water from old workings in the Bulthy Mine, in Shropshire, when the foreman, became afrected by fumes from a petrol engine, and ordered the men to leave. He became unconscious, and was carried out by Chidley, who was himself in a semi-conscious condition on arrival at the foot of the air-shaft. The two other mem were overcome by gas and collapsed.

Paddock came to work at 10 o’clock, and, proceeding towards the working; place, met Chidley and the foreman and helped them into the open air. He then returned and made two attempts to reach the other two men, but was each time driven back by the gas. He returned to the surface, and after consultation with Chidley, who had now recovered, the two mem determined to make a third attempt. They managed to reach one of the men and got him as far as the air-shaft, but were then becoming overcome, and had to leave him. Unfortunately, this man was dead when eventually he was brought to the surface, but the remaining man, whom it had not been possible to reach, subsequently regained consciousness, and managed to make his way to the surface. Both Paddock and Chidley displayed great courage and determination in the work of rescue.