Robert T Henry MOH

b. 27/11/1923 Greenville, Mississippi. d. 03/12/1944 Luchem, Germany.

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 03/12/1944 Luchem, Germany.

Robert T Henry MOH

Robert T or “Bobby” Henry was born in Greenville, Mississippi on November 27, 1923. He joined the US Army in April 1943 and after his recruit and combat training, he was sent to the European Theater of Operations.

On December 3, 1944, he single-handedly charged a German machine gun nest which was preventing the advance of his platoon. Although he was killed before reaching the nest, his attack provided a distraction which enabled his comrades to destroy the position. He was also awarded the Purple Heart.

He was issued the award posthumously on June 12, 1945.



Near Luchem, Germany, he volunteered to attempt the destruction of a nest of five enemy machine guns located in a bunker 150 yards to the flank which had stopped the advance of his platoon. Stripping off his pack, overshoes, helmet, and overcoat, he sprinted alone with his rifle and hand grenades across the open terrain toward the enemy emplacement. Before he had gone half the distance he was hit by a burst of machine-gun fire. Dropping his rifle, he continued to stagger forward until he fell mortally wounded only 10 yards from the enemy emplacement. His singlehanded attack forced the enemy to leave the machine guns. During this break in hostile fire the platoon moved forward and overran the position. Pvt. Henry, by his gallantry and intrepidity and utter disregard for his own life, enabled his company to reach its objective, capturing this key defense and 70 German prisoners.