Shaik Mohadin AM

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DATE OF AM ACTION: 14/04/1913 Persian Gulf.

Little is known about the life of Shaik Mohiden AM of the Royal Indian Marine other than the events which led to his Albert Medal.



On the 14th April, 1913, the Shatt-al-Arab Outer Bar gas buoy in the Persian Gulf was being .charged with acetylene gas from the Royal Indian Marine Ship ” Lawrence,” and as the carbide, soaked in crude oil, was being passed down a canvas chute to the buoy, an explosion occurred. Shaik Mahomed, 1st Class Stoker, who was inside the cage of the buoy tending the chute, was knocked senseless, and as the chute caught fire both in and outside the cage, enveloping the manhole in flames, his life was in extreme danger. Shaik Mohiden, who was not on duty, saw the accident, and at once jumped from the lower boom on to the buoy, dashed through the flames, 8 to 10 feet high, knocked the burning chute aside, and dragged Shaik Mahomed out of the cage. He then put him in the water on the weather side of the buoy and held him there till a boat came to his relief.