Sir George Evetts OBE EM

b. ? 1883 Hulme, Manchester.  d. 12/06/1958 Eastbourne, Sussex.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 02/04/1915 Faversham, Kent.

George was born in Hulme, Manchester in 1883, the son of William Evetts, a Sergeant in the Corps of Armourers and a gunsmith by trade. In 1909 George married Helen Lena in Wandsworth, London and they had two sons, George William and Philip. In 1920 the Evetts family lived at 39 Heathdene Road, Wandsworth and then from 1929 until around 1935 they lived at 18 Abbottswood Road, Wandsworth. After this time the indices are vague with different addresses given for the family.  George married Helen in Wandsworth in 1909, their second child Phillip S was born in 1914.

Between 1927 and 1932 George and Helen made several overseas trips – mainly to South America and Canada.  It appears that he was a consultant in regard to Gas Engineering.

The 1939 Register shows George Evetts, 18 December 1882 living at Woodbourne East Drive, Egham in Surrey.  He is a Consulting Civil Engineer, the household is listed at the Evetts household and has 5 persons living there.  They include his wife Helen (15/8/86), Phillip s (8/6/14) a Mechanical Engineer, Conrad Ekless a Chauffeur and handyman and his wife Violet Barbridge (Ekless)(1/6/07) a Cook.

He is known to have been Chairman, Colombo Gas and Water Limited, Director of British Benzol and Coal Distribution; General Hydraulic Power Company and it’s subsidiaries and Phillbuck Limited.  He left money to the Institute of Civil Engineers, The  Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and his Masonic Regalia to the Ewell Masonic Lodge No 1851.

George Evetts died on the 12th of June 1958 at Esperence Nursing Home, Hartington Place Eastbourne.  His cause of death is listed as 1.Toxaemia. 2. Paralytic ileus, Strangulate hernia & resection of bowel.  The informant was his son G.W. Evetts of Garden Cottage, St Marys Hill, Sunninghill, Ascot Berks. Probate of his will was granted leaving £28,296/4/11d to his wife and his son George.

George Evetts was 75 years of age at the time of his passing and is described as being a Consulting Engineer & company director (Knight Bachelor and OBE).  His home address is Penlee Warren Lane Friston.



His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to award the Edward Medal of the 2nd Class to Mr. George Evetts, Mr. William Edmund Bethell, Mr. Urbane Charles Beach, Mr. John Harrison, Mr. John Sears, Mr. William Wallace, Mr. George Gilham, and Private William James Wiltshire, on account of their gallant action on the occasion of an explosion which occurred at Faversham on the 2nd of April, 1915.