Taha El Jak Effendi GC (EGM exchanger)

b. ? d. 26/09/1971 Khartoum, Sudan.

DATE AND PLACE OF GC ACTION: 27-28/11/1924 Khartoum, Sudan.

Taha El Jak Effendi (? – ?) is the last of the three recipients of the EGM for the disturbances on the streets of Khartoum in November 1924. Like his fellow two recipients (Muhammad Abdulla Muhammad and Ibrahim Negib), extremely little is known about his life. No birthdate or place of birth is known, and except for his actions as a Shawish in Khartoum Police Force, nothing else is known.

Taha El Jak Effendi GC

On the 27th-28th November 1924, two platoons of the 11th Sudanese Regiment ran amok. Three British officers and two Syrian medical officers were killed by the mutineers and nine other ranks were wounded. Taha was recommended for great gallantry in the disturbances alongside two fellow Police Officers in Muhammad Abdulla Muhammad and Ibrahim Negib. All three men were awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal on 12th December 1924. The EGMs were later exchanged following the creation of the George Cross in September 1940.

Nothing else is known about his life, though he was still alive in the mid 1960s when he attended a VC and GC Association Reunion in London. It is believed that he passed away a few years later and was probably cremated in Sudan. His GC is not publicly held.