Tanbruk Irang AM

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DATE OF AM ACTION: 03/06/1942 Shamlung, Burma.

Very little is known about Abor tribesman Tanbruk Irang other than his actions which led to the Albert Medal. He was presented with his medal at Marghenta on 10th March 1943.



On June 3rd, 1942, Tanbuk Irang, an Abor volunteer carrier working on the Ledo refugee route, found an Anglo-Indian woman and child in great distress at Shamlung on the Burma side of the Patkoi range. He carried the child over the range up a track most of which was knee deep in mud. The woman was too exhausted to follow, so he put the child down by the side of the path and went back and carried the mother up. He laid her down and went on with the child, and so continued carrying them alternately till he reached Pahari six miles from where he had’found them. There he did not find the assistance he had hoped for and continued in the same manner another four miles to the camp at Nampung. Tanbuk Irang on his trips backwards and forwards, covered 30 miles of appalling track, for 20 miles of which he was carrying either the mother or the child.. All the parties in this area have been working at considerable personal risk: the majority of them have succumbed to sickness and .in considerable numbers have died. By this feat of gallantry and endurance, and at great risk of himself dropping from exhaustion and being lost, Tanbuk Irang undoubtedly saved two lives.