Thomas Jones EM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 14/01/1909 Johannesburg, South Africa.

Little can be traced on the life of Thomas Jones, a collier, awarded the Edward Medal for his attempt to rescue the life of a mining boy at the Cwm Cynon Colliery in Glamorgan on 19th November 1917.



On the 19th November, 1917, a fall of roof occurred at the Cwm Cynon Colliery, Glamorganshire, as a result of which a boy was pinned down by a stone weighing 10 cwt. It was obvious that another fall was imminent; but notwithstanding this Jones at once stood over the boy, and with his back supported a stone which was about to fall on the boy, and would have killed him. A further fall occurred, fortunately without injuring Jones. Jones supported the stone as long as possible; but as he weakened, it fell, seriously injuring him, but missing the boy. Unfortunately, the boy, after being extricated, died of his injuries. Jones undoubtedly risked his life in attempting to save that of the boy, and his courage and initiative prevented the fall upon the boy of a stone which would have instantly killed him.