Thomas Philip Evans EM

b. ? 1895 Victoria, Monmouthshire, Wales.  d. ? 1943 Merthyr, Wales. 

DATE OF EM ACTION: 17/12/1927 Ebbw Vale, Wales.

Thomas P Evans EM

Little is known about the life of Thomas Philip Evans, other than his actions at the Ebbw Vale Steel and Iron Company on 17th December 1927.



On December 17th, 1927, the blast furnace’s of the Ebbw Vale Steel and Iron Company were shut down and opportunity was taken to clean out the gas mains of the blast furnace plant. The work proceeded normally until December 30th, when two men engaged in cleaning a 3 ft. pipe connecting two boilers were overcome by carbon monoxide gas. The accident was not discovered until the relief entered the pipe and found the body of one of the workmen. This they drew to the manhole giving access to the pipe. Assistance was summoned and Bourton and Evans entered the pipe in order to rescue the second workman. After proceeding some 20 feet along the pipe they came upon the workman’s body. With great difficulty and much distressed by the poisonous gas, they succeeded in dragging themselves and their fellow workman to the manhole through which they were assisted into the open air. Unfortunately the rescued workman died.

Bourton and Evans were both well aware that there was poisonous gas present in the pipe. One body had already been recovered and the two men who had entered it had been gassed.


Notwithstanding the grave and evident danger they both entered the pipe and proceeded for some distance away from the manhole where, if they were overcome, there was no chance of their receiving immediate aid. They knowingly and very gallantly risked their own lives in an endeavour to save the life of one of their comrades.