Thomas Stokes EM 1917

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 31/05/1917 Askern Main Colliery, Yorkshire.

Little is known about Thomas Stokes, a collier, at the Askern Main Colliery, other than his actions on 31st May 1917.



On the 31st May, 1917, an accident occurred at the Askern Main Colliery, Yorkshire. Two men were trapped by a fall of roof weighing about thirty tons, and extending over an area of about 160 square feet — one of them completely buried near the edge of the fall, and the other was partially buried and severely injured. Eight of their fellow-workmen were soon on the spot, and after working bravely for two hours succeeded in releasing both men alive. All the four men recommended for medals ran considerable risk, for a space of two hours, of being buried by further falls, and, had it not been for the presence of mind and self-sacrifice, their two comrades would certainly have lost their lives. Taylor and Stokes were exposed to the greatest danger, and displayed special initiative.