Thomas Williams AM

b. 27/12/1871 Tenby, Pembrokeshire. d. 05/07/1937 Pembroke, Wales.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 13/03/1919 Pembroke Railway Station, Pembroke, Wales.

Thomas Williams AM

Thomas was born in Tenby, Pembrokeshire on 27th December 1871. He spent nearly all his working life on the railway, with the Great Western Railway Company, commencing employment with the Pembroke and Tenby Railway at Penally. He married his wife, Annie, on 11th May 1886 and they had three sons and two daughters. Two of his sons worked for the GWR and one of them, Eric, followed his father as Station Master at Pembroke. Eric also witnessed his father’s action. Thomas was presented with his AM by King George V on 2nd August 1919, where he followed John O’Neill, who was presented with the VC. Thomas retired from the railways in 1926 and went to work for an auctioneers, Lloyd and Thomas in Carmarthen. He died in Pembroke in July 1937, with his wife tragically dying the following day.



On the 13th March, as a train was entering Pembroke Station, an elderly gentleman, Canon Bowen, of Pembroke, in stepping aside to avoid a luggage barrow, fell off the platform on to the rails. The train was not more than thirty yards away from him when he fell, and was travelling fast. The Station Master, who was close by, at once jumped down in front of the engine and just succeeded in rolling Canon Bowen off the track, and held him down alongside the rails until it was safe to allow him to get up. Although the brakes were applied it was found impossible to bring the train to a standstill until the engine and two coaches had passed the spot where rescued and rescuer were lying. Had it not been for Mr. Williams’ presence of mind and courage Canon Bowen could hardly have escaped instant death.





Allan Stanistreet – Image of Thomas Williams AM.