William Charles Bryan MOH

b. 09/09/1852 Zanesville, Ohio. d. 27/03/1933 Santa Monica, California.

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 17/03/1876 Powder River, Montana.

William C Bryan MOH

William C. Bryan, was born on September 9, 1852, in Zanesville, Ohio. He enlisted into the United States Army at St. Louis, Missouri, United States, and was made a Hospital Steward, in the Medical Company of the Department of the Platte under Assistant Surgeon Curtis E. Munn. The Department of the Platte was commanded by Brigadier General George R. Crook. Bryan accompanied the Big Horn Expedition in March, 1876, and on March 17, was attached to Company K, of the 2nd United States Cavalry Regiment during Battle of Powder River, when the troop was ordered by Colonel Joseph J. Reynolds, to charge a Cheyenne encampment. In the charge on the village of Indians, Bryan’s horse was killed under him. Bryan continued to fight on foot, and carried two wounded soldiers to safety, inevitably saving them from capture. Bryan fought in the engagement, and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions there. William was later promoted to the rank of Captain. He married Lucy B. Wetzel (1873-1945), and died on March 27, 1933, in Santa Monica, California. He was cremated at Inglewood Cemetery, Los Angeles and his ashes were given to relatives.



Hospital Steward Bryan accompanied a detachment of cavalry in a charge on a village of hostile Indians and fought through the engagements, having his horse killed under him. He continued to fight on foot, and under severe fire and without assistance conveyed two wounded comrades to places of safety, saving them from capture.



BLOCK 61, LOT 96, SECTION N. Half.