William Mathers AM

b. ?  d. 27/08/1919 Rosyth, Scotland.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 27/08/1919 Rosyth, Scotland.

Little is known about Matthew Ronald Mathers (or William as his citation states) other than that he married Catherine Manley in Cardiff in 1914. They lived at 64 Station Street, Barry Dock, Glamorgan at the time of his death.



The KING has been pleased to award the Albert Medal in recognition of the gallant conduct of William Mathers and Joseph Bowman, two Dockyard workmen, in endeavouring at the cost of their own lives to save the life of Able Seaman Arthur Henry Brewer at Rosyth on the 27th August last. Brewer had descended into the Wet Provision Room of H.M.S. ” Tiger,” in company with J. H. Anderson, a shipwright, when he was overcome by poisonous gases and collapsed. Anderson, himself feeling the effect of the gases, left the compartment as quickly as possible to obtain assistance, and Mathers and Bowman, who were near to the scene, descended without hesitation to endeavour to rescue Brewer. They did not wait for further assistance or for safety appliances, though they were fully aware of the cause of Brewer’s collapse and consequently, of the grave risk they were running. They were at once overcome by the noxious: gases in the compartment, and when removed were in an unconscious condition. Every endeavour was made to restore them to consciousness, but without success.