William Rolleston AM

b. ?  d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 24/05/1866 Aijabampo, Mexico.

Little is known about the life of William Rolleston AM other than the actions which led to his award.



The ” Low Wood,” when off the Newfoundland coast, on the 20th October last, fell in with the barkentine “Bend Or” in a disabled and sinking condition, and showing signals of distress. ‘The weather at this time was very bad, and the sea very high, but the ” Low Wood ” rounded to, and sent a boat manned by five men to her assistance. When about half-way between the two vessels the boat was capsized in a violent squall, and all her crew were ‘drowned. The “Low Wood” stayed by the wreck till the 23rd, and,  .at about one P.M. on that day, a second boat, manned by ARTHUR McKEE, JOHN ADAMS, and WILLIAM ROLLESTON, was lowered and proceeded to the rescue. The sea was then as high as on the previous days, and the risk greater, as the boat was smaller than that which was capsized. The smaller size of the boat also made it necessary to make two trips to the wreck, and in returning the second time to the “Low Wood” it was almost swamped. At last, after much difficulty and danger, the rescue was safely accomplished.